One from you, one from us.

One from you, one from us.

One from you, one from us; donate a jar of peanut butter and we'll donate one too.

We are calling on our community to join us in sticking together and supporting those who need it most. During these uncertain times there is extra pressure on food banks and donations can slow as collection points aren’t accessible and more people find themselves in tough times. Peanut butter is in demand at food banks as a nutritious cupboard staple.

We have supported our local food bank in Hackney with volunteering days and donations over the past year. On Wednesday (18th March) we delivered 500 jars of peanut butter to them, to help supply the local community with emergency food packages. However, we know that this is not enough and we need to find a way to continue to support food banks over the coming months.

If you can help, just leap over to our donation page to give a jar of peanut butter, we’ll match your donation, and make sure it gets to those who need it most.

This is totally not-for-profit. All donations will go towards the cost of the product and delivery.

If you’re keen to find out more about how you can support your local food bank directly please visit the Trussel Trust.

Some of us helping out at the Hackney Food Bank last September (in sunnier times!)

Pip & Nut team at Hackney Food Bank

Pip & Nut team volunteering