Let's Stick Together: A Note From Pip on Covid-19

Let's Stick Together: A Note From Pip on Covid-19

I was listening to the radio this morning when I heard someone describe the Covid-19 pandemic as being ‘like trying to hold water’, which felt like an apt metaphor for how to describe the past couple of weeks. For both individuals and businesses, we are all in this together: figuring out what to do one day at a time as the latest news and advice lands. There is, unfortunately, no clear path.

For small businesses the next three months are going to be tough and I know many people who are vulnerable in the community will also be struggling. Therefore, we as a business want to ensure we’re showing up and doing our part to support others, in what is an incredibly turbulent time.

Firstly for us, that means protecting the team at Pip & Nut who are all working from home, a decision we made on Monday morning. We have also been in regular contact with our factories and distribution partners, who are working tirelessly in collaboration with us to ensure we continue to supply stock to our retailers and our own online shop which continues to offer a home delivery service.

On a much more serious note, we’re aware that there are lots of vulnerable people in our local Hackney community who cannot afford to stock up on food products. We also know that our local food banks are under extreme amounts of pressure to supply the demand and are seeing a severe reduction in donations. Nut butter is a key food staple, thanks to its healthy fat and natural protein content, so donating product feels like a positive way for us to help. We’re pleased to be able to continue to support Hackney Food Bank by donating 500 jars of nut butter to them this week. We are continuing to look at how else we can support them, as well as other food banks in London and beyond, where possible. Please keep an eye on our channels for more on this.

And finally, whilst Covid-19 casts a bit of shadow over our day-to-day lives, we want to try to provide a daily dose of positive energy to your day. We’ll be bringing you relevant recipe inspiration, some fun home workouts, working from home tips & tricks, and some special offers and competitions.

Over the coming weeks we may email you a little more regularly than normal too, with those doses of positive energy and any relevant information about our online shop, but we promise to keep these light and bright.

When times are tough, we must stick together. Sending positivity to all of you and your loved ones.


p.s here is a picture of me working from home with my pup, Charlie