Not All Nuts Are Made Equal

We single source and specially select the finest nuts for nut butter making. These carefully chosen varieties are then expertly crafted into our delicious nut butters.

Hi-Oleic Peanuts

We have carefully selected the finest hi-oleic, Argentinian peanuts for our peanut butter. Also known as ‘runner peanuts’, their uniform size, golden colour and natural sweetness makes them perfect for peanut butter.

Our peanuts are specially sourced from the Cordoba region, where the sub-tropical climate and sandy soils are ideal for growing this naturally sweet and crunchy variety. Did you know that peanuts grow in the ground? Peanut growing is far from simple, across each lifecycle the multi-generational farmers we work with skilfully plant, flower, dig, harvest, process, clean, shell, short and size our nuts.

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Californian Almonds

Our almonds are grown in the Californian San Joaquin Valley, where almonds have been growing since the mid-18th Century. Much like our peanuts, we have specially chosen just 4 out of 50 Californian varieties for their consistently delicious flavour and perfect size for roasting and blending.

Almond orchards, best known for their beautiful bloom which we were able to see on our visit in 2022, require a long-term commitment. A lifecycle for an almond tree is between 20-25 years and it takes 3 years for almonds to bloom and be harvested. That's why we're particularly proud to be sourcing our almonds from a single supplier who is working in line with sustainable farming principles and the CASP framework, a gold standard assessment for sustainable farming.

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Expertly Crafted

We pride ourselves on making the tastiest nut butter using a tried and tested method, pioneered by Pip in her kitchen back in 2013. In fact, all our products our first created in The Nest using the same blender Pip used to make her initial batches for Malty Street Market.

Our specially sourced nuts are roasted to a specific time and temperature, in small batches to ensure every nut has the perfect golden roast. We then mill the just-roasted batches within 24 hours to lock in that freshly roasted, nutty flavour. Top nut fact! You may notice our glossy nut butters are slightly speckled, this is because we roast our nuts with skins-on. This enhances their flavour and increases the fibre in our products.

Finally, we add a sprinkling of sea salt to enrich the naturally nutty flavours. For our experimental, batches this is also the stage where we add other natural ingredients, like coconut or agave. Every single batch we make is then tasted by our team of supertasters to ensure we are maintaing our ‘top nut’ standards.

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