Fruit & Nut Frozen Yogurt Ice Lollies

Fruit & Nut Frozen Yogurt Ice Lollies

Lollies are very simple to make but you can really get creative with different flavours. This recipe is a suggestion, but get experimenting with your own ideas, as so many different flavours work!

• 1 medium, ripe banana
• 240ml/1 cup Greek yoghurt
• 1 tsp lemon juice
• 3 Tbsp honey
• 3 Tbsp nut butter of your choice (we like Coconut Almond Butter
• Fresh summer berries

Purée the banana, yoghurt, lemon juice, honey and coconut almond butter together in a food processor, until smooth. In a bowl, gently mash the summer berries to release some of their juices, but leaving the berries partially formed. Roughly fold the berries into the puréed mixture, making a ripple effect.

Divide the mixture between ice lolly moulds, stopping about 2.5cm from top. If you don’t have ice lolly moulds, use small paper cups.

Place a sheet of cling film over the top of each, cut a slit in the centre and add a wooden ice lolly stick. Freeze until firm, about 6 hours.
To release the ice lollies, dip the moulds briefly in hot water.