A Teeny Tiny Peanut Butter Jar

Tiny Peanut Butter Jar

Thursday 1st April 2021

Introducing our new teeny tiny 10g peanut butter jar - perfect for popping on your key ring for a spoonful of the good stuff wherever you are 😁 We all know that one of the perks of working from home has been peanut butter on demand. Sometimes we lose count of the number of times we shuffle into the kitchen for "just one more small spoonful". 

Well, to help you all ease back into normal life as lockdown ends we thought we'd bring the kitchen to you. Launching later this month with a complimentary teeny tiny spoon for the first 500 orders.

Who are we kidding? 10g isn't even enough for one mouthful... 

It does look quite cute though, so maybe we should make some key rings anyway so you can all fly the flag for your favourite peanut butter while you are out and about. But for getting that PB fix? We'll take a full size jar, thank you very much. Next on the list for ridiculous (but could be genius) ideas to try: a jar carrier - think along the lines of those water bottle bags, but for a peanut butter jar.

All creative ideas welcome - pop us an email: thekernel@pipandnut.com

Happy April Fools Day!

Get yourself a normal size jar here, or check out our April Drools Chocolate Nut Butter Bundle: