New to Pip & Nut? Or want to try some new flavours but don't know where to start? We've got you covered with our bundles; whether you prefer peanut butter, almond butter or just want to try one of everything, there is something for every taste. Even better, by selecting a bundle you'll save compared to buying the individual products.
Mixed Taster Pack
Mixed Taster Pack (4 Jars & 3 Cups)
£16.00 Regular price £17.20
Jar Taster Pack
Jar Taster Pack
£8.85 Regular price £9.50
Almond Butter Jar Bundle
Almond Butter Jar Bundle
£12.35 Regular price £13.00
Full Range Jar Bundle
Full Range Jar Bundle (9 Jars)
£25.75 Regular price £28.00