Supporting Hackney Foodbank with our first Charity Limited Edition

Supporting Hackney Foodbank with our first Charity Limited Edition

(As you know) we're obsessed with nut butter and creating the tastiest recipes out there. We can't wait for you to try our latest Limited Edition: Gingerbread Almond Butter. Not only is this flavour deliciously different, but it makes a difference too. We're proud to be donating 25p from every jar to our local Hackney Foodbank

Hackney Foodbank has seen up to triple the demand for food parcels during Covid-19 and there are no signs of this easing up in the next few months. They need our help. That's why we've created our first ever Charity Limited Edition. The money raised through our Gingerbread Almond Butter will aid Hackney Foodbank in their work delivering much needed support to people living in poverty.

We spoke to Melanie, the Business & Development Director at Hackney Foodbank to learn a little more about how the funds raised from Gingerbread Almond Butter will be used at the foodbank. Here's what she had to say: "With the money we receive from Pip & Nut through this initiative we plan to purchase a new van, which is essential for keeping up with the growing demand at our five centres, along with putting the funds towards top-up items that haven't been donated in sufficient quantities to keep up with demand. Every penny or food donation we receive is a massive help in enabling us to carry on not only feeding people in crisis, but working with other charities and organisations to assist clients to access the wider forms of help they need in order to find a way out of the poverty trap."

If you want to help further, we are continuing to run our 'One from you, one from us' initiative. Just leap over to our donation page to give a jar of peanut butter to Hackney Foodbank, we'll match your donation, and make sure it gets to those who need it most. Since the initiative launched in March, over 4400 jars of Peanut Butter have been donated to the foodbank. Thank you to all of those who have supported and continue to support this cause!

To learn more about the Hackney Foodbank, please check out their website here