Launching glass jars

Launching glass jars

So.... in the spirit of celebrating B Corp Environment week, we thought we would share some pretty major news with you. You have been asking us to move to glass jars and we have listened. We began working on this project over two years ago as there are so many elements involved to get this right. Now, we are on the final stretch and we are really happy to formally announce that glass is coming in July 2021. 🎉

Whilst our plastic jars are fully recyclable and made of 30% RPET, you have been giving us consistent feedback that you would like us to move to glass. We are confident that this transition to glass will have a positive impact on recycling and reusability as glass is more widely recycled in the UK with 67% recycling glass vs 46% plastic.

We've also worked hard to make our jars something that we hope you'll want to re-use again and again - overnight oats anyone? Our glass jars are made from a minimum of 50% recycled glass ♻️ and we are currently working with an experienced partner to understand our total carbon footprint. As a business we are looking to commit to becoming Net Zero and will be setting science based targets to align with the 1.5C Net Zero trajectory.

Keep a beady eye out for more information over the coming weeks and months.

P.S some of you have been asking whether we will still be making our 1kg tubs. The answer is yes! These will still be in plastic for now as to make them out of glass would be very heavy and not practical. The plastic tubs are fully recyclable, however we are looking at how we can reduce our use of virgin plastic.