Feel Good Fridays: April

Feel Good Fridays: April
We're jar half full kinda people here at The Nest, which is why we have started bringing you some feel-good Friday news to brighten up your day.


Friday 16th April 2021

Retired big veg grower goes viral 

Gerald Statford is a retired fisherman who loves gardening and spends most of his time planting, pruning, weeding and feeding his two allotments in the Cotswolds. Last year he unexpectedly became a social media sensation when his photos of 'big veg', accompanied by optimistic anecdotes went viral. Fast forward to today and Gerald has just starred in a Gucci campaign and has landed himself a book deal. We love Gerald's cheery outlook on life and his passion for gardening. 

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Gerald talks to Eater - read the interview here


Friday 9th April 2021

Britain records greenest day ever!

Over the Easter weekend, wind and solar energy supercharged the electricity grid, helping the nation record its greenest day ever! According the the National Grid, sun and wind generated over 60% of all energy in the UK on Bank Holiday Monday, with no coal generation on the grid and just 10% of power was from gas plants. A step in the right direction for the goal of operating a carbon free system by 2030!

Sunny and windy weather, coupled with low demand for power, led to a surge in renewable sources of energy, National Grid Electricity System Operator said.

[Source: the BBC]