My Apprenticeship at Pip & Nut

My Apprenticeship at Pip & Nut

My name is Ruben, I’m 19 and I started at Pip & Nut as a digital marketing apprentice in November 2020. I have always known I wanted to study in an apprenticeship rather than going to university. I’m a very practical learner and never enjoyed learning out of textbooks. So as soon as schools closed in March 2020 and my A levels were taken out of my control (thanks to Covid-19), I started the hunt for a suitable apprenticeship role.

I came across Pip & Nut’s advert for a Level 3 Digital Marketing apprentice and immediately knew this role was up my street. I submitted my application the same day, and feel really fortunate to have made it through all four rounds of the hiring process and then hired the following week.

In the past I have had various jobs from setting up a Christmas tree delivery service with my twin when I was eleven to working with a director at Vice helping him with all sorts of labour intensive jobs. But this is my first full-time job, and I don’t think I could have found a better place to enter the world of work than Pip & Nut.

My apprenticeship involves 20% of my time (one working day a week) in off-the-job learning. This includes monthly tutoring sessions and webinars along with independent study time. This is all to work towards a qualification which I will achieve by the end of the 18 months spent at Pip & Nut. 

I am learning so much about the reality of business and marketing, specifically digital marketing and how social media is used to leverage a brand. My role as a Digital Marketing apprentice at Pip & Nut includes a range of activities. I look after the customer service email inbox (The Kernel) and social media inboxes. I help with interacting with Pip & Nut fans. I’m also involved with content creation for our social media channels and much more! 

One thing that attracted me to apply for the role at Pip & Nut, is their authentic commitment to making the world a better place. After working here for three months I have seen that this isn’t just a marketing approach but something that is embedded into the culture of Pip & Nut. It is clear after spending some time at Pip & Nut that environmental and social issues are just as important as profit.

So far, I have really enjoyed my time at Pip & Nut. Although I haven't found it easy adapting to a completely new environment, especially with everything being remote. I’m so excited to see where my apprenticeship at Pip & Nut will take me. I have so much more to learn.

For anyone contemplating either university or an apprenticeship, I would highly recommend the latter. For any employers contemplating hiring apprentices, I hope you are inspired to give youngsters an opportunity to learn, grow and contribute to your business.