Our Top 5 Nutty Smoothies

Our Top 5 Nutty Smoothie Recipes

The Pip & Nut squirrels love a smoothie, especially in weather like this. They are super easy to make, a fantastic way of getting lots of nutrients down in one go and are great at giving a boost of slow-release energy. No more afternoon slumps!


We love getting creative in the kitchen and experimenting with different flavours but here are 5 of our favourite tried and tested recipes.

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Pip & Nut Toast Bar at FRAME X NTC #TrainTuesday

Pip & Nut Toast Bar at FRAME X NTC #TrainTuesday 


toast sign


Bright and early this morning the Pip & Nut squirrels were lucky enough to join in the fun at Lewis Cubitt Square, as FRAME and Nike Training Club took over King’s Cross and totally smashed the first in a series of three special #TrainTuesday sessions.


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