Foodbanks shouldn’t exist. But they do, and they couldn’t operate without regular donations. We are proud to have been able to support our local foodbank in Hackney, East London, over the past few years. We couldn’t do it without you, our wonderful community.


Unfortunately, the demand for foodbanks is higher than ever. In Hackney Foodbank, the number of emergency food parcels required more than doubled during the Covid-19 pandemic, and this shows no sign of easing off. Sadly, the situation is the same across the country and there are over 2,000 foodbanks around the UK. We’ve included some ways you can help further down this page.


Since the beginning of 2021 we have donated a jar of peanut butter to Hackney Foodbank for every order placed on our website. We also continue to run our match donation scheme (which started during the first 2020 lockdown), which means anyone can donate a jar on our website and we will match it. Thanks to these schemes, we are able to make regular, large deliveries of peanut butter – an item they are often in short supply of. Our target for 2023 is 37,000 jars of peanut butter. We’re always thinking of other ways that we can support. For example, in 2020 we launched our first charity limited edition flavour, Gingerbread Almond Butter, that donated 25p from every sale. This helped Hackney Foodbank purchase a new van!


To find out where your local foodbank is, and how to support, them we recommend visiting The Trussell Trust's website. The following items are often urgently needed, but it is always worth checking with your local foodbank to see what essential items they are short of:
• Sanitary items
• Toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, shower gel)
• Tinned goods
• Toilet paper
• Jars of nutrient dense food (natural nut butter is great, which is why we run our match donation scheme)

If you'd like to donate a jar of peanut butter to Hackney Foodbank, we will match your donation and deliver it directly to them. Thanks in advance for your support.

Donate a Jar


Marva is the Centre Lead Volunteer for Hackney Foodbank at St Mary’s Church in Stoke Newington Every Thursday, Marva leads the team at St. Mary’s to host a Foodbank collection for the local community. She told us about the changes made at the Foodbank due to Covid-19 and what that meant for the visitors and the volunteers themselves:

“I joined about September time of 2012, so I'm one of the ones that have been there practically from the beginning. During the lockdown, well it changed massively with the food that we could give out… now everything is pre-packed in the crates and we just give what we are given, whereas when we first started the food bank we would sit with people and go through a list [of items] that we have ... and you know, it would be a hub for the lonely, and it would be a hub for people who needed to just talk to somebody, I said to the rest of the guys let's just try and keep this going as best we can… I have positive moments every day, that sounds like a cliché, but I do; I get up in the morning and before I leave my house, I pray and I ask that the Lord bless the clients that come in and to keep us safe.”