The Pip & Nut impact report

The Pip & Nut impact report

Here at The Nest we’ve spent the last 6 months focusing on how we can become a better business, looking at all areas from our environmental footprint to transparency within the team. As we turned four in January, we felt it was a good time to start properly evaluating our impact on the world around us. We are asking more questions than ever before about how we can tread lighter, inspire further, support the wider community & innovate smarter.

Here is our very first ‘People & Planet Report’, which documents our findings so far, as well as what we’re planning to do next. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Download the report here.

Technical Manager

We’re hiring a Technical Manager!



Built on the basis that health food should never be boring, Pip & Nut is a rapidly growing brand with big ambitions. After just 2 years we over 4000 stores under our tail – ranging from Selfridges to Sainsbury’s. In 2016 we grew by over 400% growth and looking to double the business in 2018. At the heart of our company is a belief that simple, natural foods can and should be delicious; that’s why our products contain nothing but nuts and a few other natural ingredients. We also believe that work should be fun and rewarding, and that a good team can achieve more than the sum of its parts. Our energetic team built a tonne of momentum – with fans ranging from international athletes to top celebrities and amazing partners like Nike. Now we’re on the hunt for a talented Technical Manager to join the scurry and be one of the formative members in our mission to become one of the nation’s favourite health food brands.

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Meringue Girls Choco Extravaganza

Meringue Girls Choco Extravaganza






*Warning* – drool worthy chocolatey content to follow.



In true Chocolate Week spirit, we decided to get in contact with our lovely friends at Meringue Girls to see what indulgent choco inspiration they could come up with using our Chocolate, Coconut Hazelnut Butter. They hit us with an impressive chocolate double whammy – Afghan cookies & a luxurious hot choc. Perfect for these cold, dark autumnal evenings…



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Our favourite London gyms

Our favourite London gyms


It is safe to say that Sporty Squirrels living in the cosmopolitan capital of the UK, are spoilt for choice when it comes to the vast range of gym-ing experiences on offer.

Whether you are an early bird who catches the worm, a lunch time work out warrior or a late night session lover, having a Pip & Nut squeeze pack nestled away in your sports bag will ensure that you can get a quick fix of natural energy pre or post-workout wherever you are.

In honour of two of our favourite things (squeeze packs & sporty squirrels), we have compiled a list of some of our favourite London gyms. Gone are the days of generic work outs.

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Pip & Pet: Copper

Pip & Pet Hall of Fame: Copper




Sophia’s miniature daxie Copper loves our almond butter so much he couldn’t even wait for her to open the lid. Who can blame him…


Have a pet who loves Pip & Nut? Send us a picture of your pal and the best ones will make it to the Pip & Pet Hall of Fame. As a thank you, we’ll send you a stash of nut butter too.