Pancake day already? That crêped up on us..

Pancake day already? That crêped up on us..


There seems to be a day for everything these days, from national bubble bath day to national nap in public day. Despite pancake day being an old favourite, there is still a bunch of funny yet equally ridiculous pancake facts to accompany the day. Here’s our pick of the best:


– Around 52 million eggs are used in the UK on Pancake Day, which is 22 million more than usual


– The largest pancake ever made measured 15 metres and weighed in at three tonnes – you’ll need a lot of nut butter to top that one..


– The most flips anyone has ever done with a pancake is 349 flips in two minutes. Flippin’ good if you ask us!


– Also flippin’ good is Dominic Cuzzacrea, who flipped a pancake 31 feet (and 1 inch) into the air in November 2010, making him the current record holder.


– On average we consume two pancakes per person on Pancake Day, which means that we get through 117 million pancakes in one day. This requires enough milk to fill more than 93 Olympic swimming pools and almost 13 million kilos of plain flour


– We all have our preferences for pancake toppings but the weirdest pancake toppings that we’ve heard have to be sour cream and caviar, ketchup and mustard, coco pops and cream, cream cheese and strawberries.


However if like us you prefer to stick to nut butter then you may want to enter our competition with Clean Eating Alice to be in with the chance of winning a months supply of nut butter. To enter simply recreate one of her pancake recipes, or use your own, take a picture and tag both @clean_eating_alice and @pipandnut and use the hashtag #CEAGiveaway. Good luck!



Time Out to Eat

Taking Time Out to Eat

We have a very exciting new, brown, four legged addition to our office. No, sadly it’s not an office dog (yet), but a table!



Up until now we’ve been eating lunch at our desks, spilling all manor of things down tops, coffees over legs and realistically it was probably only a matter of time until one of our laptops got it.


However apart from the risk mitigation side of things, it’s really actually important to get away from the desk and take time to enjoy your food.

We’ve compiled a list here of why you should take time out to eat:


You don’t overeat – distracted or ‘mindless’ eating mean your body and brain don’t properly process the amount of food you consume. As a result, the hormone ‘leptin’ is often late in signalling to the brain that it’s time to stop eating as you’re full.


Boost productivity – research has shown a change in surroundings boosts productivity. Do more, work less – sounds like a winner!


Good opportunity to socialise – Catch up on the office goss, find out who’s doing what at the weekend and other mindless chatter


Your desk is full of germs  – Research has shown that the average office keyboard has more bacteria per swab than