Entrepreneur of the Year 2014

Entrepreneur of the Year


Chief squirrel Pip was leaping for joy after receiving an email from Crowdcube announcing that she’d won Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 in their annual awards. Their awards were created to celebrate and recognise the great achievements of the companies that had used their platform to raise money, so we were honoured that they selected Pip & Nut as one of their top companies.
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Going Nuts for Good Fats

We could rabbit on all day about why nuts are so good. And we really believe they’ve had a bit of a bad rap, perceived as being a bit boring, too fattening and sometimes overshadowed by their more colourful fruit and veg friends. Until now that is. Us squirrels at Pip & Nut simply can’t get enough of them and we celebrate them wholeheartedly in our nut butters.
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