Pip & Nut joins the Mile High Club: the winning #delfie

Pip & Nut joins the Mile High Club: the winning #delfie

When we asked our Pip & Nut followers to send us a ‘delfie’ (a desk selfie, obviously) we didn’t expect many to take up the (frankly quite strange) challenge.  Turns out we underestimated our awesome squirrel community and The Kernel’s inbox was bursting with all sorts of interpretations of the ‘delfie’.


For those who are wondering how on earth this came about, we were inspired by this snap of a rather lovely looking drawer at Google HQ, stuffed full of Pip & Nut squeeze packs.



google drawer



While we loved all the entries, the winners took things to a whole new level (literally).  A big congrats to Katie and Sheraleigh, who shared this photo of them enjoying Pip & Nut at 35,000 feet, on board a brand spanking new Boeing 787.



deflie winners



Well done ladies; a whole suitcase-full of Pip & Nut squeeze packs will winging its way to you very shortly.  Whether or not you decide to share them with the rest of the crew… well that’s up to you!


Looking through all your photos cheered up a rainy day in The Nest. Here are a few of our other favourites:


Ali the pelvic-health physio in the ‘office’:


ali delfie



Sarah wrapped up at her desk on a chilly day (has it really been THAT cold?!):


sarah delfie



Ellie showing who’s boss with her drill:


ellie delfie



We love the friendly looking owl nesting on Nila’s desk:


nila delfie



And, last but by no means least, here is Amba, squirrelling away at work:


amba delfie





Thanks everyone – you gave us a good chuckle.


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