Nut nerd: hazelnut


Nut Nerd: hazelnuts



hazlenut nerd



Here in The Nest we’re nerdy about nuts.  Brush up your nut-knowledge and impress your friends (or maybe your mum) with our fun facts. This month we’re talking about hazelnuts…


Mmmmm, hazelnuts. They may be small but these little nuts certainly pack a flavour punch. Although they can also be used in savoury cooking, hazelnuts steal the limelight when they’re used in desserts and baking. Anything with chocolate, to be honest.
Hazelnuts are primarily found in Iran and Turkey, however we do have our own version, known as the cobnut, that grows here in the UK. Whilst hazelnuts are dried, cobnuts are unique in that they are usually sold fresh. But be warned! Grey squirrels LOVE these nuts and will strip a tree in no time. Pesky little things.


What’s so special about them? 

With the sole exception of almonds, this is the nut with the highest content of vitamin E.



Ancient Greeks believed hazelnuts could treat coughing and baldness.



Want some hazelnut recipe inspiration? Check out our cookbook.



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