The Pip & Nut Cookbook: out now!

The Nut Butter Cookbook leaps onto shelves


Hello 2017. Hello hot-off-the-press Pip & Nut cookbook! We’re just a little excited to finally be able to share The Nut Butter Cookbook with you.  With over 70 recipes, from DIY nut butter, to savoury dishes and smoothies, we think there is something for everyone in here.




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Our newest recruit – meet Benny!

Pip and Nut have a new member – Benny the office dog! Thanks to Borrow my Doggy we we’ve hired Benny for one day a week for some general housekeeping, playtime ‘n’ cuddles. After a rigorous application process and numerous interviews, we found Benny’s enthusiasm, charm and 10/10 cuteness fit the bill just perfectly.




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It’s pretty darn sCRUMPtious!

It’s pretty darn sCRUMPtious!

Pip & Nut’s Crunchy Maple Peanut Butter is on the menu this week at Good & Proper Tea Co.’s Leather Lane cafe in the ultimate crumpet collab. Pip and Charlotte went down for some quality control checks and had the all-important job of testing the combo of Crunchy Maple, banana and seeds.




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The squirrel’s out the bag! Say hello to TWO new Pip & Nut flavours…

The squirrel’s out the bag! Say hello to TWO new Pip & Nut flavours…




pip hooray


We’ve been itching to share this news with you for months and finally we can shout it from the tree-tops: we have TWO new flavours joining our all-star squirrel line up! The first batch landed at The Nest a few weeks ago and we can confirm that all pots have been licked clean. They taste ahhhhhmazing (even if we do say so ourselves). Spoons at the ready – these are some of the most addictive yet.


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Pip & Nut joins the Mile High Club: the winning #delfie

Pip & Nut joins the Mile High Club: the winning #delfie

When we asked our Pip & Nut followers to send us a ‘delfie’ (a desk selfie, obviously) we didn’t expect many to take up the (frankly quite strange) challenge.  Turns out we underestimated our awesome squirrel community and The Kernel’s inbox was bursting with all sorts of interpretations of the ‘delfie’.


For those who are wondering how on earth this came about, we were inspired by this snap of a rather lovely looking drawer at Google HQ, stuffed full of Pip & Nut squeeze packs.



google drawer


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Hello there honey




Following the very exciting arrival last week of our new honey cinnamon cashew butter, it only seems right that we give it a proper introduction.


Back in the early days when Pip was trialling out flavours for Pip & Nut this flavour was a big hit with customers. So we’re dead pleased it’s now reappeared.


Read the full story here


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Latest additions to the scurry

Latest additions to the scurry


We’ve been busy little squirrels over the past 6 months and now have over 700 stockists around the UK and Ireland (yippee)! With this in mind we thought we’d give you a little update of some of our newest additions to the scurry…


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