Art Attack – Squirrel Style

Art Attack –  Squirrel Style



Feel a little disheartened every time you throw away one of our lovely nutty milk cartons?

Fear not, here in The Nest we’ve come up with the perfect solution.


Say hello to our DIY nut milk penny purse. Follow the simple steps below to make one of your own:

1. Remove the cap, then wash out and flatten the carton.





2. Grab a pair of scissors and remove the top and bottom ends of the carton


3. Fold the carton up from the bottom by about 2/3rds


4. Using the scissors again, cut down the two sides at the top to create a flap


5. When you have successfully created a flap, then cut it off

6. Staple the two inner parts of the folded carton to form two separate compartments



7. Fold down 0.5-1cm at the top of the carton to form a lip and attach Velcro here



Hey presto – now armed with your nut milk penny purse, you’ll be the coolest squirrel on the block.




We’d love to see your own creations – make sure to tag us on Instagram!