Cacao and Hazelnuts

All Hail Cacao and Hazelnuts – Chocolate Week’s Finest Friends

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Hands up if you’re enjoying some chocolatey delights this week? There’s no need to be shy – we can confirm that at the Nest our squirrels are going nuts for all things chocolate orientated.


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Meringue Girls Choco Extravaganza

Meringue Girls Choco Extravaganza






*Warning* – drool worthy chocolatey content to follow.



In true Chocolate Week spirit, we decided to get in contact with our lovely friends at Meringue Girls to see what indulgent choco inspiration they could come up with using our Chocolate, Coconut Hazelnut Butter. They hit us with an impressive chocolate double whammy – Afghan cookies & a luxurious hot choc. Perfect for these cold, dark autumnal evenings…



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