Unlimited nut butter at Nike’s #UnlimitedYou

So… You may or may not have seen that the Pip & Nut squirrels were at Nike’s #UnlimitedYou a few weeks back. We served up a serious stack of pancakes topped with fresh fruit and nut butter a-plenty to fuel those active squirrels after their workouts. After being put through their paces at Barry’s bootcamp, they went straight into Kobox class to kick some butt before waddling up the stairs to the rooftop for some incredible views of London.




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It’s pretty darn sCRUMPtious!

It’s pretty darn sCRUMPtious!

Pip & Nut’s Crunchy Maple Peanut Butter is on the menu this week at Good & Proper Tea Co.’s Leather Lane cafe in the ultimate crumpet collab. Pip and Charlotte went down for some quality control checks and had the all-important job of testing the combo of Crunchy Maple, banana and seeds.




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